Our Peru Experience is

Authentic and responsible

About us

Q’inti is a boutique tour operator with a sales office in Lima and operational offices in Cusco and Brazil. We provide an excellent creative and authentic service, with fair prices, that include the planning necessary for a smooth experience. Classic Peru roundtrips for groups and families, Inca Trail and Treks, specialty tours include bird watching tours, photo safaris and educational tours. We support community based projects and government-run conservation areas in our commitment to make a positive impact.

Q’inti is the Quechua word for hummingbird. Q’inti means love, happiness and beauty. In the Andes the spiritual meaning is resurrection, and the wingbeat a symbol for the infinite, eternity and continuity.

Our Commitment

We provide extraordinary experiences in Peru, while being socially and environmentally responsible, always satisfying the needs of our clients, exceeding their expectations.

Our values



    We accept the responsibility associated with being a tour operator. We carry out our duty in the most responsible way possible always, looking to ensure a smooth, memorable and safe experience for our clients and making sure that the impact of tourism stays positive in the areas we visit. We have excellent knowledge of Peru, its tourism operation and its attractions and feel well prepared to handle visitors throughout Peru.


    We respect the human dignity. We respect the environment. We respect the human rights and condemn any kind of discriminationtowards any person, and sexual exploitation of children in any way (ESNNA Code). As a company we promote intercultural tolerance and respect for the different cultures in Peru and from around the World.


    We offer a safe service. We work with prepared professionals and properly insured transport units. We offer 24 h monitoring of the progress our visitors make in country and have emergency plans for any situation that may arise.


    We have a Social Responsibility and Environmental Code. We are TOURCERT certified as part of our continuous effort to improve our role as a responsible tour operator.

Social and Environmental commitment

We actively participate in the following projects in our quest to have a positive impact on society and the environment.